Taking the step to an event with the characteristics of INFARMA has been the greatest success to start 2023. The first contact with an event in Spain in a 140m2 stand has required great teamwork together with the Italian firm Lovrén and management impeccable logistics fitting all the pieces of a puzzle that allowed us to receive almost two thousand visitors during the three days.

Through INFARMA we have made it possible for more people to live the Lovrén experience every day and strengthen ties with our clients. We are committed to commitment to clients and thus we have demonstrated our own, showing our commitment to work by and for the client by responding to all their needs.

INFARMA has emphasized in our brands the importance of reinforcing the corporate image. The links that are generated in a space completely created based on its philosophy and characteristics speak for themselves about the brand and remain engraved in the customers' retinas. Taking the brand to a physical space, taking into account that we do not have our own stores, reinforces the image, commitment and its values ​​in a closer experience for the customer. The one-on-one relationships with our customers have been a pleasant and comforting experience for our team that directly translates into a very positive purchasing decision.

In short, INFARMA has been for us like a thermometer that has allowed us to verify customer satisfaction with the Manzana Group firms and meet new ones who have already joined the family. There is strength in unity and this has been proven in these days of intense work that we have successfully concluded.

Welcome to the new revolution

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