If you are one of those who loves to show off a perfect, intense and shiny tan during the summer months, what I am going to tell you will interest you and you should take note now.

It is important to start preparing the skin in the previous months with exfoliation and hydration. It is essential before exposing yourself to the first rays of the sun if you do not want to get spots or have that unsightly tan, with wrinkled and unhealthy-looking skin.

The first step to getting a perfect tan should always be a body exfoliation to eliminate all those dead cells from the first layers of the skin and it will be prepared to be more receptive to all the treatments you want to apply later. For this first step we recommend Lovrén's SV1 Peeling Effect Facial Scrub . Formulated with a blend of oils and microspheres of jojoba oil and shea butter for gentle, natural exfoliation. No silicones, no microplastics, no PEG Nickel, cobalt and chromium tested.

Once we have clean skin, the next and most important step is to apply SPF50+ sun protection every time you go sunbathing . Use the sunscreen that best suits your skin type and especially the facial, it cannot be missing from your daily skincare routine.

You should never expose yourself to the sun without first protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays, burning harms the health of your foot on the way to the perfect tan. Choose a sunscreen that you feel comfortable with and if your biggest concern is avoiding this white tone that some creams leave, we have good news for you. The new collection of Lovrén Spain solar sprays have a light texture and are transparent. They are also very easy to apply and help cover all areas evenly so that no marks are left. A great product that cannot be missing this summer in your beach bag.


Another tip that you should keep in mind to take care of that perfect tan that is so difficult to achieve on many occasions is tanning oils. They are not an enemy for the skin, but you have to know when to use them correctly. They are a good ally to give hydration and shine to the skin when the sun begins to go down or when you are not going to have direct exposure. SPF15+ protective oils like Lovrén's Double Sun give your skin an extra touch of shine and help it look much more beautiful.


If your idea is to enhance your tan when the sun has already gone down and not use sun protection, you have other alternatives such as Lovren's Secret Sense Bronze Oil. A dry oil for face, body and hair with a dry, silky texture that you can incorporate into your daily routine . The best thing is that it has gold glitter for a bronzed luminosity effect!

Finally, we know that sometimes sunbathing is not an activity to everyone's taste and we would like to achieve that toasty tone without spending too many hours in the sun. We also have the solution for those of you who like to get that extra tone. The new Lovrén self-tanning wipes. With a wipe you can give your face and body a natural and beautiful tone in a simple and quick way . They are super easy to use, quick to apply and with a uniform result without staining hands or clothing. For many, the product of the summer!


Last but not least, after a day sunbathing you should not forget to re-hydrate your body. A good moisturizing cream can relieve the first symptoms of burns in addition to nourishing our skin at the same time.

At the end of the summer you can do a body peel again in addition to hydrating and softening the skin so that that perfect tan you have achieved during the summer is much longer lasting.

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