Glow effect, sunkissed cheeks, no makeup makeup and balletcore lips. We present to you the new makeup trends that are going to be popular this spring 2023.

If you always want to be up to date in knowing how to recreate the most viral makeup of famous women on social networks, stay on this blog because we will tell you EVERYTHING:

For some time now it has been observed everywhere that the effect of juicy skin is in fashion among celebrities. We are celebrating, because this spring/summer these types of makeup trends are becoming even stronger and we at Manzana Cosmetics love them. But there's even more... do you dare with a nude on your lips?


Young, hydrated, and glowing skin is in fashion this spring 2023. This washed-face effect is returning but with a “little” makeup.

So this year we will not see faces with excess makeup bases or extravagant effects, quite the opposite. Clean makeup, free of excess colors and with juicy skin, that is what will be everywhere from now on.

Furthermore, spring/summer is the perfect time to take care of your skin along with makeup so that it looks bright and juicy. To do this you can use foundations that are light, preferably liquid and not too covering. You can also opt for BB creams , to us it seems like a bonus since you take care of your skin at the same time that you give it that touch of color that creates a “good looking effect”.

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Yes, indeed the “I spent my time sunbathing” effect. In short, it simulates the redness that the sun leaves on your cheeks and nose after a long day at the beach (or rather, a long exposure to the sun without protection), but without having to go through it, please. Blush has had a huge increase in popularity in the beauty world this last year.

How to recreate this trend step by step? Apply the blush on the upper part of the cheeks while passing it along the bridge of the nose, unifying the “look”. Do it with a light touch and graduate the color intensity you want by applying more or less amount of product.

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Balletcore has unleashed a whole world of trends, whether in fashion or beauty and has currently established itself as one of the most famous of the moment. In fashion this trend is transferred to: fabrics with transparencies, tulle and organza garments. But what about makeup? This translates to nude and pink lips, thus achieving a romantic look that looks incredible.

How can you get nude effect lips? Apply a lipstick of a similar tone to the liptick you are going to use and outline the contour of your lips, giving intensity to the points you want to highlight. Then, apply your favorite nude lipstick and... that's it!

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Now that you know the makeup trends for this spring 2023 and how to incorporate them into your daily life, it is time to put them into practice to show off incredible makeup. You dare?

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